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We run a small museum and archive of local photographs, publications and historical information. We are located in Manningtree Library.

Opening times are 10.00 am to 12.00 noon Wednesday morning, Thursday afternoon 2.00 pm till 4.00pm. Saturdays, 10.00 am to 12.00 noon and 2.00pm to 4.00.

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Hopton Bridge. History of a well known bridge and the battle that took place over it.

Mrs Burton. The Lady of Manningtree, her pretensions, her Henrys, her umbrella.

Matthew Hopkins.

Details of his move to Manningtree and initial 'Witch' hunting activities.

Tye Henge Lawford.

Background to this mysterious Neolithic monument built at the same time as Stone Henge.

Manningtree & Cattawade bridges

Where is the 'third' bridge & who was the Hermit of Cattawade?

History of Dale Hall Lawford. Get to know your local Manor.

Foxash Land Settlement - the story so far. The interesting history of the Lawford LSA has been compiled here by Bill Martin.

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First World War Memorials.

Visit this paqe for more information on the stories and families behind the Manningtree, Mistley & Lawford Memorials.

Here the story of the first two local men who died in August 1914 - the first month of the war, at Mons and La Cateau. August 1914

First losses at Sea September 1914

Two young 16 year old boys lost together at Sea in October 1914.

Son of the Manningtree Vicar. Captain Cree 24th October

George Percy Holmes from Mistley Waggon & Horses.

Thomas Flurrie battle of Ypres.

Henry Blake Le Gheer

John Tippins Mistley Norman Sch.

Gallipoli Ottoman.

Claude Osborne from Mistley

James Crabtree Mistley

Bertie Neville the unlucky boy

Jutland - John Henry Brunning

Gaza Palestine

1945 - List of those Lost WWII.

1945 - VE Day social event at Methodist Church Hall.


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Manningtree War Memorial


More on this well known local family from Quay Street can be found here:- Lucas Family.

Manningtree War Memorial, High Street.

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